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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

This is a lifetime license software and it works on any Windows Operating Systems viz., windows 7 or 10  or any LAN systems from Windows 2014 onwards.

There is no Monthly or Annual Subscription and you are the owner for full version and all of software is installed in your System. This software comes from an established organization with over 2 decades of services and this software is in use in over 35 countries worldwide with over 10,000 clients and growing.

You can purchase the software online at and after which you will get a download link with a lifetime license key.

After downloading, you will find along with the software you will have free  installation guide and you are eligible for free training online. You can get instant online support by whatsapp call or mobile call on +919666999800

Netripples Multi Store Pharmacy Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to automate the activities of the Multi Store Pharmacy Management System which includes, Managing Drug Database Drug Location, Managing Drugs expires, Managing Suppliers, Managing Purchases, Managing General Surgical and non Surgical drugs, Managing Sales, Managing multiple counter and Billings and many more. You will find over 100 Individual/Summary Reports which provides you day, week, monthly or any periodic reports anytime. It is designed with an easy-to-use user interface with Pharmacy Store Logo, Address and other header setup and utilities to add SMS and other Mobile access features.

Manage Locations :This screen helps in managing Drug storage locations and setup and recognizable ID, Rack, Box or any such setup for easy Drug pickup while issues with an automation of location ID.

Manage Drugs : This screen helps to Manage Drugs. You can ADD, MODIFY a Drug with its Parameters like Drug type, Generic Name , Drug name, Drug Location, Strength, Reorder level, Manufacturer and Setup of customized PLU number or Bar Code.

Manage Suppliers : This screen helps in managing Supplier or Vendor Data. You can Add, modify Supplier Information like Name, Address, Identification and Grade or Supplier Priority/ Type Data.

Purchase Orders : This screen helps in managing Purchase orders and help in Issue of Purchase orders, Manage Suppliers Data, Manage Discounts, Manage Free Quantities, Manage Special rates, Manage Package Quantities , Manage Receiving Instructions Manage Delivery Locations, Manage Special Instructions for Deliveries, Manage Drug Type along with relevant Standard package quantities.

Manage Orders : This screen helps in ordering drug to the Central pharmacy.

Manage Receiving : Once the drug has been issued from central pharmacy this screen facilitates the process to receive the issued drugs.

Issue Returns : This screen helps to return drugs to the central pharmacy.

Drugs /Items ReceiptsThis screen helps in managing receiving of Drugs and Other Surgical and non Surgical /Medical Items from various suppliers including free quantities and also you can receive Drugs and Items with Purchase order without Purchase orders and also have options to receive with Bill or without Bill under delivery Callahan or Delivery Notes or Goods Receipt Notes or memos. You can setup Bar code and organize for stock in relevant locations identified.

Vendor Payments :This screen helps in managing all Supplier Payments for all the Drugs, Surgical Items, Medical Items and other General Goods. You can make Part payments, full payments, review outstanding payments, find the total transaction payments, deduct Purchase returns and also do adjustments against the expired drugs returned to the Supplier or Vendor. The drugs received from a particular supplier.

Sales / Raise Bill :This screen helps in generating receipts for customers for the purchased drugs, General and Medical Items. You can have option of Drug Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Batch number, Bar code , PLU number, Prescribed Doctor/ Medical officer Name, Hospital or RMP along with option to have the Patient Name and Patient Id for prescribed drugs and options to ad as relevant for non prescribed Drugs.

Sales Returns This screen helps in managing all Drug, Medical, Surgical Items billed to the Patients, Hospitals or customer and help in refunding the amount. You can archive the Data with search options by patient name, Drug, date, patient id Hospital data and manage the sales returns and refund easily.

Purchase Returns :This screen helps in managing Purchase returns to Suppliers, vendors and adjusts the returns in bills payable and manages direct refunds or even adjusts in future bills.

Cashier Management :This module manages all patient payments and includes charge collection against the invoices/ Bills generated at various stages and recording the receipts, Payments including cash counter opening cash and closing cash details.

Drug Search :A comprehensive drug search by Expiry date, Supplier, Drug type, Generic Name, PLU number , Bar code , location etc,., has been provided for anytime any day archives.

Reports Module :This module covers all Individual & Summary reports which are available for viewing and printing purposes covering the following:

List Reports : Contains Returns Lookup, Supplier's List, Drug Expiry Check, Item Expiry Within 90 days, Product Vs Supplier Purchase Rates, Print Last Bill, Invoice Lookup, Order Lookup, Stock Report, Manufacturer Wise Expired Items, Supplier Vs Product Purchase Rates, Day and User Wise Cashier, Monthly Report, Monthly Sales Report, Gross Profitability Report, Net Profitability Report, Sales Return Register, User Wise Sales Summary, Print Last Bill, Stock Report, Drug Expiry Check, Sales Return Register, Product Type Wise Returns, Product Type Wise Total Sales, Product Wise Sales, Product Wise Total Sales, Patient Type Wise Day Summary, Day Summary, Credit Bill Status, Day And User Wise Cashier, User Wise Sales Summary, Gross Profitability Report, Monthly Report, Monthly Sales Report, and Net Profitability Report.

Summary Reports : Contains Purchase Order Summary, Receipts without Order, Day wise Payments, Day wise Net Purchases, Tax wise Purchases, Day Summary, and Receipts with Order, Product Wise Purchase Returns, Expiry Stock, Supplier Wise Purchases, Product Wise Purchases, Bill Wise Profit Statement, Bill Wise Sales Details, and Sales Returns, Day wise Net Sales, Day Wise Profit Statement, Bill Wise Sales Summary, Expired Stock, and Day Wise Net Returns.

Manage Report HeadersThis screen helps in setting up the Report header to Pharmacy or Drug Store Name, Address and Logo of the Pharmacy including Bills.

Setup and Control Module :This function helps in managing the Pharmacy users and authorizes permissions for purchases, billing, sales receiving, stocking, issues, manage returns, and collect payments, stock management, physical stock corrections and other activities including discounts and price changes.

Setup Opening Balance :This function helps in managing Opening Balances by adjustments Physical Stock corrections for all Drug Locations to become operational anytime since the date of installation of Software.

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